Can you bleach wet hair?

The world is emerging with a lot of new hairstyles and colors, and I am sure you must be the one who loves it too. In fact, we all love it. a new hair color or bleach can change our entire look. people who have got their hair bleached or highlighted will be related to … Read more

Can you dye greasy hair?

Didn’t get time to wash your hair and now you are searching on google to find out if it’s okay to dye your greasy hair.  The answer to this question is yes and no.    The majority of hair salon’s wash and dry your hair for you or will tell you to wash your hair … Read more

Can you put mousse in hair after a perm?

When you perm your hair there are a lot of dos and don’ts that come your way after the process. It is okay to question and actually better to question than just do it. Let’s address one of the questions that most women have after perming their hair and that is  Can I put mousse … Read more

How much does a perm cost?

When it comes to hair, our girl gang never steps back. The hairstyling industry is taking leaps when it comes to experiments, and as far as perm is considered it’s quite popular these days.    Perms come in different types and can cost differently according to the length but on average How much does a … Read more

Should you dye your hair, wet or dry?

With fashion taking a whole new look these days; your hair needs to match your style. Hair dyeing is very common these days.  Originally started, as a practice to cover your white hairs, now hair dye has turned into a very common style statement especially amongst the youth. With the onset of the growing demand … Read more

Does straightening hair make it thinner?

Your hair can be styled in many different ways. Whether you are looking for a sleek, straight look or the perfect curl, there is something out there to suit your needs. Does straightening hair make it thinner? Yes, straightening hair can make them thinner if done too often. This is because the chemicals used break … Read more

Can rosewater be used for hair?

Rosewater is a water spray made from roses that has many benefits for the skin and hair. The result can be anything from an astringent toner to make your face feel fresh, to a moisturizer that will keep you hydrated all day long. Can rosewater be used for hair? Yes, rosewater has exclusive benefits for … Read more

Can you put lotion in your hair?

If you’re a frequent reader of beauty blogs, then you’ve probably heard about putting lotion in your hair. Can you put the lotion in your hair? Yes, you can use lotion in the hair but make sure that it is not too much. It protects the hair against damage and acts as a detangler. It … Read more

What is a dominican blowout on hair?

We are aware of blow-drying the hair and other methods for straightening the hair. But a term that is less common is Blowout. There is a common and popular hair service called Dominican Blowout which most people do not know about. So, you want to know what a Dominican Blowout is? A Dominican Blowout is … Read more