Can you bleach wet hair?

The world is emerging with a lot of new hairstyles and colors, and I am sure you must be the one who loves it too. In fact, we all love it. a new hair color or bleach can change our entire look. people who have got their hair bleached or highlighted will be related to it, that soon after our hair session, we feel like a different person altogether.

As we have talked a lot about bleaching lately let’s take up a common question that – 


Can you bleach wet hair? 


Yes, you can bleach wet hair, and in fact, many stylists prefer it over dry bleaching. However, this doesn’t mean completely washing your hair before bleaching. You can rinse your hair a little bit and you are good to go.


Bleaching is actually a very tricky process; you need to be careful at every step and every decision you make as it is an irreversible process you may end up doing something which you cant change for a while.


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When should you bleach your wet hair?


Bleaching your wet hair is okay but it Is done for a purpose and not in regular practice. Here are three reasons to clarify when you can bleach your wet hair.


  1. For a slight change in color


When you bleach your wet hair then the effect of bleach is slightly lesser than bleaching on dry hair. you will get a subtle color which will be of course not as much as what you get by bleaching the dry hair. The color won’t get lifted much.

The reason behind this is that the water diluted some amount of bleach resulting in lifting the color just one or two shades. This technique is used by the stylist for subtle hair coloring.


  1. For faster results


Bleaching the wet hair is used when you are running late on time, as wet hair lightens the hair faster than dried hair.

Many people try this technique for faster results, the end result is not the same as the regular bleaching technique but it is worth the time.


  1. To Brighten Up Your Ends


Wet bleaching lends itself perfectly to the wet balayage technique. After highlighting your hair when dry, allow the foils to process, then rinse the bleach from your hair. Apply a bit more bleach to your wet ends and this will add an extra boost of subtle definition for a beautiful, sun-kissed mane.

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How to apply bleach on your wet hair?


Bleach on wet hair is applied the same way as any other technique so the steps below can be followed for any one of them. Follow the steps carefully for a promising result.

Warning- Make sure you do it only once, there is no good reason to bleach your hair twice!!


Step 1- Part your hair in two sections


Divide your hair into two parts for easy application. This step will help you when you are doing it yourself. It will make it handy for you to apply the bleach in the entire area perfectly.

You can further divide the two parts into more sections according to your preference and comfort.


Step 2: Make your bleach ready


The second step is to prepare your bleach. Mix the two components the developer and the bleach in a 1:1 ratio. The ratio may change as per your requirement of professional suggestion.

You must follow what the memo says. Make sure the final mixture is not too liquid and if it is so then adding some powdery bleach in it will solve the problem. The consistency should be accurate for better results.


Step 3: It’s time to apply bleach now


After achieving the perfect consistency of bleach and developer it is now time to apply the bleach to your parted hair. This step is the most important part, so try not to make any mistakes.

Spray some water on hair to make it wet but do not just soak it in water. Start bleaching the darkest part of your hair first. The darkest hair is at the back so start from there. This step has to be rapid. The process should be in motion starting from the roots to the end.

However, Roots can be avoided in these parts as there is a separate step for that.


Step 4: bleach the roots


As we mentioned above that roots have to bleach as well hence, we will bleach the roots in this step.

Similarly, like hair, we will start bleaching the roots from the back of your head to the front. It is strictly prohibited to use bleach on the scalp as it can cause severe damage to it.

step 5: wash your hair.

when you find that your hair has attained the color you wanted you can rinse it with a Lukewarm water.

Keep washing until your hair gets completely rid of the bleach. Once you rinse it you can move on to the other steps. You may color your hair, you keep it blonde, it depends on your choice.

Enjoy your new hair! and flaunt it wherever you want!


Things to do before bleaching your hair


Oiling is said to be a good hydrating treatment for your bleached hair. Make sure you add a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil before getting your hair bleached again. This will help you bring back the strength of your hair.

Reduce the usage of heat on your hair. Bleaching makes your hair dry and bringing your hair in contact with the heat can make them worse. Using straighteners, curlers or other heat products can be used once or twice in a week at max.

Bleaching makes your hair dry. Because of the dryness, the hair gets tangled easily and has the chance to break. In that case, it is advised to use a soft or wet brush to avoid hair fall.

Your damaged hair should not be washed with hot water as it can open your cuticles. Use cold water for hair wash.


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