Can you dye your hair twice in one day?

Ever happened to dye your hair but it is not that promising? And you feel like dying your hair again. It has happened with all of us, I guess. But do you think is it okay to dye your hair twice in one day?

Keeping that in mind let us discuss can you dye your hair twice a day?


No, not at all do not dye your hair twice in a single day. Ideally, it is suggested to wait for at least 3-4 days before dying your hair again.  


Dying your hair is a chemical process and your hair needs some relaxation after these processes. No matter how safe it is to dye the hair but at the end of the day, it affects your hair for many various reasons.

Why should you not dye your hair twice a day?

As talked about before, dying the hair is a chemical process, which weakens your hair. No matter how expensive or branded the dye you use. your hair needs time to heel and that is why you should take some time and not dye your hair twice in one day.

Even healthy hair can be damaged easily by dying the hair twice without any gap, and if by any chance you have brittle or damaged hair re-dying then you must not dye your hair twice as it can cost you your natural hair.

The most common consequence is splitting ends and hair fall which have been every person who has dyed their hair twice in a single day.

Here is the video for further guidance

What to do if it is very necessary to color the hair twice a day?

If you are in a position where you have to color your hair twice then here are a few getaways for you.

Use a semi-permanent hair dye:-

Use semi-permanent hair color to correct the hair coloring mistake until you can finally recolor it again. Semi-permanent hair color has no chemicals, so you will never have to worry about damage control in the first place.

Get a hair treatment first-

The second option is to get a hair treatment first before any other process and get a good one. The treatment will prevent more damage and it is especially for color treatment. Make sure you are using the best hair treatment in the market.

Talk to an expert

The last option is to take the help of a hair professional, he or she will guide you about what best you can do to your hair. or with that spoiled hair.

Go natural

You can choose to go natural by using the natural dyeing techniques mentioned below.

What are some natural ways to Dye your hair?

If you do not want any chemicals in your hair, you can try many other natural dyes. The only con for natural dyes is that they are not as effective as chemical hair dye.

Here is a list of a few natural ways to dye your hair.

  1. Carrot juice

If you want a reddish tint on your hair, try using carrot juice. The tint from carrot juice will last up to one or two weeks. The hair looks naturally red giving it a whole toning vibe.

How to do it:

  • The first step is to mix carrot juice with coconut or olive oil.
  • The mixture of oil and the hair have to be applied very nicely to your hair for better results.
  • Wrap up the hair with plastic hair on top and leave it for about an hour.
  • Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar.

You can repeat these steps after a day if the color is not that strong. As the process is natural you won’t face any side effects.

  1. Beet juice

Beetroot has a strong color, and if you want a darker red tint on your hair go for beet juice. The steps followed in this one are all similar to carrot juice tint.

How to do it:

  • Mix the juice with any carrier oil like coconut or olive oil
  • Apply it on your hair and massage thoroughly
  • Set the mixture for at least 1 hour and cover it with plastic.
  • Rinse it with apple cider vinegar just like carrot juice.
  1. Henna

You must have seen your grandparents using henna on their hair. henna is a popular hair coloring agent in India. It is the most effective natural dye and lasts up to 4 to 6 weeks.

Henna Is usually used for creating temporary designs on the hands. Just like that, it will be effective on hair too.

Henna is powdered and then its mixture is applied to the hair.

How to do it:

  • As the henna comes in powdered form, mix half a cup of henna with half a cup of water.
  • Stir the mixture until you achieve the perfect consistency.
  • Leave the mixture for 12 hours covering it with a plastic bag.
  • After 12 hours mix some more water if needed.
  • Wash your hair. make sure you don’t condition it.
  • Apply henna onto your hair with the use of a comb and brush making it into a bun.
  • Cover the head with a plastic bag and leave it to dry for 2 hours
  • After 2 hrs you may rinse it with normal water.

 Other than these three ways you can also use: –

  • Lemon
  • Coffee

Or, chemocline tea

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