How to treat chemical burns on scalp?

The frequent or improper use of hair products with harsh chemicals (or at times even mild chemicals) can cause burns on your scalp, which can damage your scalp and thus interfere with the natural way your hair grows A little redness or irritation is common while getting hair treatments, but chemical burns are not normal … Read more

Best sulfate free shampoos for permed hair

Getting a hair treatment is not the end, the real care of the hair starts as soon as the session ends. Being a person who has just got their treatment done you will understand how important it is to choose the right kind of hair product which you are going to use after the treatment. … Read more

How to bleach roots without overlapping?

If you are someone with dark hair, then you probably bleached your hair before getting your hair colored with a dye other than the natural shade of your hair. When you bleach your hair, it will turn the hair into a lighter shade like orange or yellow. Bleaching will strip the color pigments from the … Read more

How to make grey hair smooth and shiny? Tips

The shocking moment when you find a single grey hair to start accepting that aging is an unavoidable part of life and that grey hair is just a minute aspect of that process is a beautiful journey. Gone are the days when people were desperate to cover up the greys. Now people are embracing their … Read more

8 Best Shampoos For Relaxed Hair

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How to moisturise permed hair?

Now that you have got your hair permed then be prepared for dry hair. This is not to scare you but to actually let you know that permed hair can be drier so you need to moisturise it and condition it properly. Moisturizing permed hair can be a little tricky as you are were not … Read more

Is avocado oil good for low porosity hair?

It is difficult for products to reach and moisture hair that has low porosity. And usually, it is advised that people with low porosity hair stay away from rich oils. They are heavy and as you know products tend to sit on low porosity hair, making it greasy and leading to product build-up and turning … Read more