How to bleach roots without overlapping?

If you are someone with dark hair, then you probably bleached your hair before getting your hair colored with a dye other than the natural shade of your hair. When you bleach your hair, it will turn the hair into a lighter shade like orange or yellow. Bleaching will strip the color pigments from the hair strand and thus give a lighter color. Now, the lighter color will depend on your natural hair color.

It is recommended that dark-haired people or people who already dyed their hair with a dark color bleach their hair because then the color will be more visible and will last longer or else the dark shade of your hair will tone the color, current color you are getting, out. People also use bleach to just get lighter hair and also while getting highlighters.

What is Bleach Overlapping?

Bleach overlapping happens when you try to retouch the grown root of your hair and it accidentally touches the bleached or color treated part of the hair.

Why is overlapping harmful?

  • Bleach Overlapping is dangerous because it puts chemicals over chemicals.
  • The hair can break off from overlapping areas.
  • The overlapped part of the hair can go white.

How to bleach roots without overlapping?

If you don’t want to take help from a professional to touch up your roots and decide to do it at home, please know that it is going to be a difficult task. It is suitable and convenient that you take the help of a friend or family member to help you in the process.

Prep your hair

  • Try to avoid washing your hair for about 48 hours before you retouch your roots.
  • Brush and detangle your hair
  • Separate your hair into sections, for the easy distribution of bleach into your hair.


  • Choose the right product for your hair.
  • Mix the product in the right ratio (as mentioned in the product manual)
  • Use a small bleach applicator brush and apply it to your roots alone one section at a time.
  • Use a foil to cover the areas that were once bleached so that the bleach you are applying to the roots does not spread to other areas causing breakage.
  • Make sure you use the right amount of bleach because it will be a mess if it runs or spreads into other areas.
  • Leave the bleach for the amount of time as the product suggests.
  • Try to wash your hair with a purple shampoo so as to get the brassiness or yellow hue out of the hair.
  • It is also okay to use a toner and then wash it off using shampoo and conditioner.

Here is a video for you to know more about it.

Alternative to retouching roots using Bleach

An alternative that you can use instead of bleaching the roots is to use a root touch-up powder. Though they are temporary they do provide a solution less harmful than bleaching the roots. They will make the hair color look great while keeping the hair healthy.

Side effects of bleaching your hair

  • It hurts your scalp. Though the pain you can withstand might be different from person to person, a lot of people have said that bleaching hurts literally. This is quite expected because bleach is a harsh chemical. So if you are applying bleach and it hurts badly, then remove the product from your hair and flush it with water. So if you are getting a hair color be prepared because bleach hurts just like truth.
  • Prepare yourself to have dry hair, especially if you don’t take care of your hair properly. Bleaching will suck out the moisture from your hair. So make sure that your hair did not undergo any chemical treatment at least two weeks after and before the bleaching. Also, ensure that you are taking care of it after bleaching.
  • If the bleaching is not done properly and the right products, then you might get uneven color on your hair.
  • The moment you bleach your hair you are automatically agreeing to take proper care of your hair, you won’t sign a ledger or anything but if you don’t invest in high-quality products and time then your healthy nourished beautiful hair will be nothing but log lost memory.

How to minimize the damage caused by bleaching your hair?

Use high-quality products, don’t just go into your local drug store and buy the cheapest one. If you are doing it, then do it right, especially bleaching unless you have some unresolved issues with your hair. Scroll down to know some popular and highly rated bleaches from amazon.

Use just the right amount of developers which will most probably be mentioned in the product. Do not go over or under because we don’t want to destroy your hair or waste money.

Avoid washing your hair for at least two days before bleaching so that the natural oil can protect your hair by creating a barrier, but remember if your hair gets oily in a short time, then the dye won’t penetrate and may give unevenness and fade-out color. So be careful and if you are visiting a salon ask the stylist whether she wants you to wash your hair or not.

Build up moisture in your hair prior to your session to minimize the damage caused by bleaching on your hair. You can either use manufactured products or can resort to home remedies.

Make sure that when you wash your hair, you rinse all the bleach solution from your hair and that there are no leftovers.

If you have a dark hair tone, then make sure that you lighten the hair by bleaching it over time and don’t do it in a single session. Make sure to give your hair enough time to breathe between the sessions.

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