How much does a perm cost?

When it comes to hair, our girl gang never steps back. The hairstyling industry is taking leaps when it comes to experiments, and as far as perm is considered it’s quite popular these days. 


Perms come in different types and can cost differently according to the length but on average How much does a perm cost? Perm costs $40 to $100 on average, the cost differs with the length and the type. It also independently depends on the salon you are visiting. 


The prices of perns fluctuate according to reasons so for a fixed and a sure amount it is always advised to contact the salon you are going to visit. 


What are perms and how does it work?


Adding waves or curls to your naturally straight hair is what a perm is. It is a chemical process to reduce your hair length and make it look natural by giving them small curls and waves. 

This process can also be carried out traditionally which costs much cheaper than the chemical process and it is quite popular since the era of the 90s which is also known as the cold process. 

In both the process, a perm chemical solution is applied to the hair for the final outlook. It’s the solution that makes the hair hold its texture and position and gives you the curvature you want. 

The process doesn’t end here, then comes the neutralizer that stops the chemical reaction that is going on due to the solution. And after a while, you are good to go.  


How much does a perm cost by length?


The cost of the perm changes as the length of your hair changes and it’s quite understandable. This one rule is fixed for every salon and the difference is not much. 

Let’s find out how much it will cost, according to the length,


How much does perm cost for small hair?


The cost of perm for small hair is approx. $30- $100. The price is negotiable in different salons.


How much does a perm cost for medium hair? 


If the length of your hair is medium then the cost of the perm will slightly be higher than the smaller hair which is obvious. It can cost you around $60-$200. 


How much does a perm cost for long hair? 


For longer hair, it will cost you approx. $80 to $250, which is much more than what you are paying for medium-length hair.  


The prices differ according to the length of the hair because as the length of your hair increases it requires more time, effort and products to perm the hair.  

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What are the types of perms? 


Perns are basically two types, the traditional type also known as the cold perms and the chemical process. they all together have types in themselves. Let us discuss what all kinds of perms are there for you to choose from. However, there are plenty of types we are going to talk about the most popular ones. 

Body wave perm 


These perms are suitable for the ones who want a natural kind of perms. These are some loose kind of and huge wavy curls which give an image of naturally wavy hair. This is perfect for the ones having really straight hair. Body wave perms can bring a slight change to your overall look. This is a simpler-looking perm than others. 


Spiral perm 


Spiral perm is a heavy hairdo for the ones who want to flaunt the mini spiral perms all over the head. This hairstyle is inspired by the women in the 80s and no doubt it’s rocking till now. It will give you a really good amount of volume in your hair making it look much classier. 


Stack or multi-textured perm 


Multi-textured perm is a part of the hot perm technique. In this type, your hair is curled in a combination of loose and tight curls giving multi textures to your hair. It gives an organic look to your hair as natural curls. 


Volumizing perm


These are permanent waves and as by the name, these are high volume curls similar to spiral perm but more in volume. The best thing about these perms is that it is suitable for all kinds of hair length 


Root perm 


As the name suggests the hair is curled from the roots for a much natural look 


Digital perms


This is a kind of aggressive method which uses hot rods which are temperature controlled, and as by the name digital, a Machine is used to carry out this process. 


How much do perms cost by type?


Different types of perms cost differently because of the varied techniques, products, time, and effort used. Here is an approx. costing of perms by their types. The prices can also change according to the salon’s pricing. 


How much does the body wave perm?


Body wave perm can cost you around $40-$200. The prices are negotiable according to the salon. 


How much does spiral perm cost? 

Spiral perm is one of the costliest perms which costs you $80-200. 


How much does multi-textured perm cost? 


Multi-textured perm requires two different techniques which makes it to be priced at between $40 to $150. 


How much does volumizing perm cost? 


Volumizing perms are affordable and they are not too costly or too cheap. They cost you around $50-$150. 


How much does root perm cost? 


Root perms are the cheapest perm and they can cost you as little as $30 going till $80 and not more than that. 


How much does Digital perm cost? 


Digital perms are the costliest amongst all which will cost you around $150-$300. 


Things know before getting perms 


Now that you know what perns is, how it work and how much it will cost then you must know some bonus points to know before getting it done. 


  • Avoid washing your hair at least for 48 hours after getting your perms 
  • Perms can make your hair drier without any purpose 
  • Think twice before getting perms as they are a permanent thing for a long time. 
  • Always take your stylist’s recommendations before getting the perms 
  • Perms needs to be styling even after completion 

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