Can you put mousse in hair after a perm?

When you perm your hair there are a lot of dos and don’ts that come your way after the process. It is okay to question and actually better to question than just do it.

Let’s address one of the questions that most women have after perming their hair and that is 

Can I put mousse in my hair after a perm? 

The simple answer is YES! but it all depends on what kind of mousse you are using. Make sure you use alcohol-free or silicone-free mousse.


Perming is itself a chemical process and hence further try to avoid chemicals in your hair for the healthy life of your hair. The longevity of your perms depends on how few chemical products you use so choose wisely.


What are perms and how does it works?


Adding waves or curls to your naturally straight hair is what a perm is. It is a chemical process to reduce your hair length and make it look natural by giving them small curls and waves.

This process can also be carried out traditionally which costs much cheaper than the chemical process and it is quite popular since the era of the 80s which is also known as the cold process.

In both the process, a perm chemical solution is applied to the hair for the final outlook. It’s the solution that makes the hair hold its texture and position and gives you the curvature you want.

The process doesn’t end here, then comes the neutralizer that stops the chemical reaction that is going on due to the solution. And after a while, you are good to go.   


How to use mousse on permed hair?


Before using any mousse on permed hair, make sure to confirm that the product doesn’t contain any alcohol or silicones, or any other harsh chemicals that might be dangerous for hair because alcohol can make your hair dry and frizzier ruining your perm. Similarly, silicones can be bad for perms too, they make your hair greasier.  

Now, you start by taking the right amount of mousse, which depends on the length of your hair. the longer the hair the more you will require the mousse.

Apply the mousse on your wet hair especially on the tips. leave the roots for later. Use your fingers to the best for the perfect spread of the mouse. You can anytime go for a white-toothed comb for better application.

Once you are done applying it on the ends, move on to the roots, massage your roots gently and you are done.

Watch the video for further guidance

Best mousse for permed hair


As talked about before, the best mousse for permed hair has to be the one that is Alcohol-free and Silicone-free and the one that has the least amount of chemicals.

Here is a list of few mousses for permed hair: –


1. SheaMoisture Curl Mousse for Frizz Control Coconut and Hibiscus with Shea Butter 7.5 oz


This is one of the best and affordable mousse you will get for permed hair. It is not only alcohol-free and silicone-free but also has the added benefits of coconut and hibiscus.

2. Raw Curls Organic Mousse/Styling Foam


Using this mousse will result in shiny curls that you will be desiring. It is a little high on the pricey side than the first one but it’s all worth it

3. Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse

This product provides you with immense moisture and restores your hair health. It will provide your curls with a fresh texture. It can be used daily or weekly. This product is suitable for all women, men, and children.

4. Alex Anthony Curl System Hydrating Curl Mousse

This mouse has wheat protein which will strengthen your hair. During the process of perming your hair are pulled for that you need to strengthen your roots for which this one will work well


Can you wash your hair after a perm?


The answer to it is a little tricky as yes you can wash your hair after perming but only after 48 hours of the process. before 48 hours it is not advised to wash your hair.

Some stylists can even ask you not to wash your hair before 36-72 hours of perming for the durability of the perms.

Note! Washing here doesn’t mean that you can wash your hair with a regular shampoo. Do not use regular shampoo to wash your hair. Use a dry shampoo or shampoo that is specially built for curly and wavy hair.


Can I put my hair up after perming?


As your hair is still settling do not try to lock it up, lose your hair freely. It may irritate you and you want to go in a bun but doing that is not a good decision for your curls. Let your hair once be fixed in curls then you can put it up and style it in whatever way you want it to be.

If it is necessary then you can also go for a silk scarf and tie it around your hair like a band as a headband. Most importantly do not use your fingers or rub them around the curl as it can break your curls giving it a shabby look.


Can I put other products after perming?


When it comes to choosing products after perming you need to be very specific about it. It is always better to seek a token of advice from your stylist. There are dedicated products available for perms like the mousse, shampoo, conditioner, serum.

It is obvious that these products do not have any ingredient that can ruin your locks, either these products are fully organic or specially made for perms.

So, yes you can use other products after perming but they should be the ones made especially for the perms.  


Things know before getting perms


Now that you know what perms are, how it works, and how much it will cost then you must know some bonus points to know before getting it done.

  • Avoid washing your hair at least for 48 hours after getting your perms
  • Perms can make your hair drier without any purpose
  • Think twice before getting perms as they are a permanent thing for a long time.
  • Always take your stylists recommendations before getting the perms
  • Perms needs to be styling even after completion

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