Can you put lotion in your hair?

If you’re a frequent reader of beauty blogs, then you’ve probably heard about putting lotion in your hair.

Can you put the lotion in your hair?

Yes, you can use lotion in the hair but make sure that it is not too much. It protects the hair against damage and acts as a detangler. It ensures hydration and helps in preventing breakage and split ends.

Here is how you can use lotion in hair-

Advantages of using lotion in the hair

  • First, let’s talk about what lotion does to your body. The most common ingredients in hair lotions are water and silicone oils which dissolve dirt on the skin. By putting it on your head, you’re basically doing a layer of protection against damage from shampooing or styling products that can break down oil on the scalp and dry out the hair.
  • Lotions can also contain a number of oils that moisturize and soften the hair, like coconut oil and argan oil.
  • Lotions are also great for taming frizz and flyaways, so if your locks tend to get out of control, lotion might be the solution you’re looking for. Additionally, many conditioners contain fatty alcohols like cetyl or stearyl which can act as a light detangler. So when the lotion is mixed with the hair’s natural oils, it can prevent breakage and split ends.
  • On top of that, lotion tends to soften your locks and tame frizz so if you’re looking for a quick fix while you wait for your next wash day, putting some on might just want you to need! Plus who doesn’t love a little extra hydration in the wintertime?

Possible side effects of using lotion in hair

  • The most obvious side effect of using lotion in the hair is that it can make your locks greasy and heavy. If you have thin, fine or oily hair then this solution might not be for you.
  • Another possible side effect is that if your scalp produces a lot of oil, adding a moisturizer to it may cause acne to break out. Also, if you’re sensitive to any of the ingredients in your lotion then you might want to avoid this as well.
  • It can lead to dandruff in some cases due to unsuitable pH levels on the scalp. So it is suggested to use shampoo after applying lotion in hair and before washing your hair apply some warm water and massage thoroughly with fingertips.
  • You should avoid using a conditioner along with the lotion because that may leave you feeling greasy all over. But if you want, then make sure to wash out any excess after a few minutes.
  • Another disadvantage of using lotion is that it may leave your hair looking greasy and dirty if you don’t wash out the oil properly after application but this can be avoided by shampooing twice in one go. This will help remove all the excess products so that you won’t look like an oily mess!
  • A final disadvantage of using lotion in the hair is that it can make your strands look stringy and dull if you use too much product.

So remember, keep it light and don’t overdo it!

Things to know before applying body lotion to the hair

Lotions can be used on wet or dry hair. However, since it’s so lightweight, you’ll want to use a generous amount if your hair is very thick. Apply from root to tip and make sure all of your strands are covered because lotion doesn’t give volume like other products, so you’ll want to give your hair that extra boost. If you use too much lotion, then it might end up weighing down and flattening out the texture of your locks. So if you’re looking for a little shine or some hold while trying to keep the volume intact, try using a light-hold product first and then applying lotion.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to keep your mane smooth and shiny but don’t want crunchy or greasy locks, try using a creamy styling product like shea butter before brushing it through with your fingers so there’s no residue left behind at all. Then rub in small dime-sized amounts of lotion along your hairline, the part and crown for a polished look.

You’ll also want to make sure your lotion is free of mineral or petroleum oils because they can cause build-up on the scalp which may lead to clogged pores that could potentially worsen acne breakouts. This might not be a problem if you have dry skin but oily types might want to stay away from using lotion altogether.

When it comes down to it, putting hair lotions in your hair is okay as long as you do so sparingly and are aware of the ingredients used. For best results, choose a product that’s free of mineral or petroleum oils which can lead to build-up on the scalp while moisturizing your locks. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, it may not be the best idea to use lotion in your hair as this could cause breakouts on the scalp and face instead.

Now that you know all the facts, go ahead and put the lotion in your hair! You don’t have to be scared of ruining it. Just use the recommended amount and keep an eye on how much product you’re using so that way you’ll never overdo it again.

Chemicals that are harmful to the hair

Lotions containing parabens may lead to hair loss.

Mineral oils and petroleum are not only bad for the scalp, but they can also cause build-up which weighs down strands and clogs pores. This might worsen acne breakouts on your face but it could completely weigh down frizzy locks as well.

Also, avoid lotions that contain sodium chloride which is often used to thicken products.

Lotions containing polyquaternium-22 can cause your hair and scalp to become itchy, flaky or even oily if you use too much of the product at once. It also weighs down strands as well so try not to overdo it!

Using lotion in your hair

Start with a dime-sized amount of lotion and rub it between the palms of your hands. Then apply down to the ends or along one section before moving onto another area like the crown, part or mane line. Don’t use too much at once as this could weigh strands down instead!

If you’re using a cream, try to stay away from the roots and focus on applying the product along your hairline instead. This way it won’t weigh down oily but fine locks so that you still get some hold without any of the grease or buildup!

It’s also important to make sure lotions are completely absorbed into strands before brushing through them as this will prevent breakage from occurring.

Other tips

  • If you’re planning on wearing a ponytail or updo, it’s best to put lotions in at the last minute so that way your locks stay smooth and frizz-free for longer! If you plan on sleeping with lotion overnight, be sure to tie your hair back in a loose bun or braid so that way you don’t get too much residue near the roots.
  • If your locks tend to be frizzy, putting lotion on them at night may not be the best idea since this could weigh down strands and make knots worse. Instead, try sleeping with oil along your part or mane line so that way you can tame frizz as well as flyaways without making your strands too greasy!
  • If you feel like lotions have a tendency to build up over time, try using shampoo or clarifying treatments once in a while. You’ll be able to tell if the buildup is happening by how oily and flat the ends of locks look!
  • When you’re applying lotions to your strands, try making smaller sections and working in small amounts at a time. This will help prevent greasy or oily locks from taking over!
  • If you plan on using lots of product (especially with creamier formulas) then consider doing this step overnight so that way it has more time to soak into the hair.
  • When you’re applying lotions, be sure to avoid the roots of your locks (especially if they tend to get oily quickly!) and focus on working in small amounts at a time so that way the product doesn’t weigh down strands too much!
  • If you have thin or fine locks then it’s best to use lotion on your locks before bed so that way it has more time to soak into the strands.
  • Be sure to avoid your roots when you’re working in small amounts of product at a time and use shampoo or clarifying treatments every now and then if the buildup is happening!

Final words

The lotion is a great way to keep frizz under control without weighing locks down. Just be sure not to apply too much product at once or you could risk greasy strands!

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