What to do before relaxing your hair?

When you make up your mind that you have to transform your hair then it is quite evident that this transformation is decided after critical thinking of things you want to do for it. transforming your curly wavy hair into straighter hair that is relaxed hair is a time taking process which involves several steps.  

Relaxing your hair can be done both at the salon as well as at home but there are obvious things you have to do before relaxing your hair. 

And there is no doubt that this one question about what to do before relaxing the hair comes up in each of our minds? 

There are a series of things you must do, you need to do certain things to protect your hair and second avoid the process problems and chemical burns. 

Just like when you wash your hair or even go for a normal haircut you prepare your hair and relaxing is a much heavier process than any of these. It is obvious that you need to do some prep. There are no good reasons to avoid any of these things.

You can always take professional advice. In case you are in doubt for your sudden doubt you can read the article and follow up.

Why should I prep my hair before getting relaxed? 

The first question should be why not? There is no secret that relaxing hair is a chemical process that can lead to subtle damage and may or maybe not to long-term damage. Just To overcome that you need to prep your hair before getting your hair relaxed.

The hair shaft most probably is on the verge to be loosened up due to chemical process, As the products used In the process of relaxing hair contains Lye. These kinds of chemicals often make your hair dry and fragile making them break plus these chemicals are equally important to be present in the product for immediate transformation.

Now you must have understood that it is not easy to ignore these harsh chemicals but what you can do is to take safety precautions and prep your hair before the procedure for less harm.

After knowing these facts, I hope you are mentally prepared for it but now It is important to be prepared by hair. When you prepare you have to make your scalp stress-free. Your hair should be healthy enough to go through that process

Do not go to the salon in a mid-way where your scalp is sensitive… cure your scalp before going for this treatment as it can cause chemical burns.

Watch the video for further guidance

Things to do before relaxing your hair

One can never compromise with the health of their hair so here you go … Here are the things you should do before relaxing your hair.

Decide the day for the salon 

The first thing you have to do is, to make an appointment, for that you have to decide the day. If you don’t know by now let me tell you that taking these transformations require a time as long as 6-8 hours so you have to be free.

Also, if you have got this done before then there should be an ample day of the gap between your last relaxer treatment, experts say there should be at least 2 months of gap.

One more thing that you have to keep in mind is that if you have planned any other chemical treatment like coloring or something else then also make sure there is enough gap between the two.

Moisturize and condition your hair

Mostly what happens is that your hair becomes extremely dry and rough because of the treatment so for avoiding that situation you can always keep a safeguard and moisturize and condition as much as you can.

Even after the procedure, you should condition your hair for healthy and soft hair. moisturizing hair will boost your hair elasticity. Remember the more elastic and stronger hair you have the less it is prone to damage.

Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm, Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner, Curl Junkie Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment are some of the best containers for relaxed hair.

Apply protein 

You should always go for protein treatment before any type of chemical treatment like relaxed hair. use a high-quality protein mask in your hair, it will fill all the breakages and gaps in your hair plus it will make a protective layer over hair.

Whenever in doubt always double up your protein

Keep detangling 

I know that curly hair people just hate to put comb inside their hair but just one week more you are going to get relaxed hair.

Detangle your hair every day till your appointment as you don’t want any tangles and g9ive a hard time with your stylist detangling your hair.

You can use the detangling oil or crème one in a week too for smooth work.

Take a break from heavy hairstyles

As mentioned above, keep your hair scalp stress-free before getting your hair relaxed as these hairstyle-like braids can make your scalp very sensitive and you don’t want that.

Your scalp needs time to recover and breathe.

Apply Oil

Oils are the savior for your hair. Applying almond oil, coconut oil, or any oil of your choice a night before your hair treatment will give your scalp the therapy which it needs.

The oil will help you protect yourself from a relaxer run off. You can massage your scalp as well as coat your hair with hair oil just like a layer on it.

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