How to moisturise permed hair?

Now that you have got your hair permed then be prepared for dry hair. This is not to scare you but to actually let you know that permed hair can be drier so you need to moisturise it and condition it properly.

Moisturizing permed hair can be a little tricky as you are were not born with that texture of your and secondly, they need patience and tricks. 

Today let us talk about how to moisturize permed hair? 

Some of the tips for moisturising permed hair include not washing the hair regularly, using a moisturizing shampoo and avoiding heat styling.  

These are some basic tips to moisturise your hair, some other tips including these have been explained below go check it out.

What are perms and how does it works?

Adding waves or curls to your naturally straight hair is what simply perm is. It is a chemical process to reduce your hair length and make it look natural by giving them small curls and waves.

This process can also be carried out traditionally which costs much cheaper than the chemical process and it quite popular since the era of 90s which is also known as the cold process.

In both the process a perm chemical solution is applied to the hair for the final outlook. It’s the solution that makes the hair hold its texture and position and give you the curvature you want.

The process doesn’t end here, then comes the neutralizer that stop the chemical reaction that is going on due the solution. And after a while you are good to go.

Now that you know what is perns, how does it work and how much it will cost then you must know some bonus points to know before getting it done.

  • Avoid washing your hair at least for 48 hours after getting your perms
  • Perms can make your hair drier without any purpose
  • Think twice before getting perms as they are a permanent thing for a long time.
  • Always take your stylists recommendations before getting the perms
  • Perms needs to be styling even after completion

How to moisturise permed hairs?

Here are some tips for you to moisturise your permed hair. following this will definitely clear your queries on how to moisturise perns. So let us go.

1.      Avoid washing your hair more often

We all know till now that washing the hair within 48 hours of getting perms is a complete sin, but this does not give a sign to wash your hair on a regular basis after that waiting period. You have to avoid washing your hair on regular basis.

Even when you have regular hair washing hair everyday is considered to be unhealthy, and it is worse when it comes to permed hair.

Washing hair regularly will wash away all the natural oils from the hair and can make your hair brittle and fragile.

Let your perms breathe in the natural oil of the scalp and let it remain moisturised. You can make a schedule for hair wash with ample amounts of gaps.

2.      Using nourishing products

Look for products that nourish your scalp along with removing the product build up. Switching to a shampoo and a conditioner which have natural oils like argan oil, coconut oil etc will be great for nourishing and moisturising your hair.

When we wash our hair a lot of natural oil from our hair is washed away. It is better to use oils infused shampoo and conditioner so that the moment when your natural oils are being washed away your hair gets the nourishment of such oils at the same time.

You can also go for shampoos and conditioners specially made for curly hair. Also, use a sulphate free shampoo .A few of them are mentioned below you can check them out.

3.      Hydrate your perms on daily basis

Hydrating your perms with serums and oils on a daily basis is a very good routine to keep your hair moisturised throughout the day.

You can also use leave-in conditioner in your hair for a good moisturising therapy.

There are a lot of leave-in hair products available in the market which will help you moisturise your hair.

4.  Deep conditioning every week

Using a good hair mask for deep conditioning once a week is a magical way of nourishing and moisturising your hair.

Deep conditioning will give your perms a new feeling after every process.

It is always suggested to deep condition your curls once in a while for healthy and fresh curls.

5.  Stay away from heat styling product

Heat is the biggest enemy for your perms because not only do they dry out your hair but can also destroy your newly built curls.

A hot iron can burn your hair and take away all the moisture content present in your hair. It can dehydrate your hair to a bad extent.

If you are in a situation where it is really necessary to use a styling tool then make sure the temperature stays between 300 to 400 degrees for a safer side.

Here is video of Perm Hair care routine

3 best moisturising shampoos for permed hair

1. Creme of Nature Moisturizing Dry Defense Shampoo for Dehydrated Hair

This sulphate-free shampoo Is a saviour for those who have lost their quality of hair due to the usage of sulphate shampoo or chemicals in the hair. Within 1-3 wash you will get good shiny hair.

This shampoo has the goodness of pure honey, shea butter and coconut oil which helps in nourishing the hair.

Your lock will shine brighter than you think after the usage of this shampoo. 

2. Shampoo for Oily Hair by Tree to Tub

A very good shampoo for those who have sensitive scalp as it is a soothing shampoo, it gives a coolness to your scalp. with that it also has a minty smell to it. for hydration it contains aloe vera, olive leaf and argan oil.

This shampoo by tree to tub also balances out your PH level which helps in reducing the fizz.


3. Arvazallia Advanced Hair Repair Moisturizing Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Arvazallia Advanced Hair Repair Moisturizing Sulfate-Free Shampoo contains argan oil and macadamia oil that goes together really well.

The shampoo is not made with any harsh ingredients to make sure your hair stays hydrated throughout the day.

Once you wash your hair with it you do not have to worry about any single thing just flaunt your hair in whatsoever manner you want.

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