Home remedies to fix over processed permed hair

It is a known fact that your hair needs very good care to maintain its health especially if it is curly hair, for frizz-free defined curls you have to follow a well-structured hair care routine, so you can just imagine how important it is to take care of perms because they are created through a chemical process it is very important that you treat those curls very carefully.

What is over-processed hair? 

When you make your hair go through a lot more than it can handle like overdoing heat styling or other chemical treatments etc. your hair will be fragile, brittle, porous, and is easily susceptible to breakages. So it is very important that you give your hair regular breaks between all these processes, just like how your schools give winter break, summer breaks, etc. so that we don’t get exhausted because of overwork. 

Now if your hair is already damaged before you permed it, then know that you are just adding fuel to the flame by getting them on your already over-processed hair. You are not only damaging your hair more but the perm won’t look pleasing to the eyes. It is better if you take a break and then get it done after the hair is rejuvenated. 

Here is the video on relaxed hair

Home remedies for over-processed perm hair

It is always better to get a salon treatment or help from a professional to get your healthy hair back, but if you don’t want to go to a salon and spend your money and time you always have good old home remedies to save your day, you just need to open the kitchen cabinet or pluck something from your garden. Also, salon treatments and over-the-counter products have chemicals and your hair already has enough. Here are some:

1. Aloe Vera

It doesn’t matter if you are searching for remedies to treat your skin or hair, you will always see some method that makes use of the fresh aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera has hydrating properties, thus the aloe gel (taken from home or store-bought) can be used as a leave-in treatment. To use it mix aloe and water in equal proportions and fill it in a spray bottle and spray it onto your dap hair. This treatment will help your hair look soft and shiny or glossy.

2. Avocado, honey, banana deep conditioner

Avocado: fatty acids, vitamin A and E (Add moisture and luster to hair)

Banana: B vitamins (soothes the scalp)

Honey: Seals hydration 

Smash avocado and banana together (half of each) and then add a bit of honey (one tablespoon). You can even add shea butter or coconut oil or added benefits. Use this mixture as a deep conditioner on your hair.

3. Egg mask

Take as many eggs as you need to cover your hair. Now break the egg and beat them in a bowl. Apply the beaten egg to your hair and then leave it on for 30-40 minutes. After which just rinse it off with water you can use a mild, scented shampoo to cover up the smell of the egg.

4. Egg yolk and yogurt

Egg yolk: Rich in protein, repairs hair slowly

Yogurt: Rich in protein, repairs hair slowly

Coconut oil: Fatty acids, helps nourish your hair.

This acts as a protein mask due to the large quantity of protein present in the ingredients used in making this remedy.    

 Beat one egg yolk with a half cup of yogurt and a little bit of coconut oil for nourishment.

5. Coconut oil or olive oil

Oils like coconut oil and olive oil will help your hair and repair it. Coconut oil will penetrate deep into your hair shaft and moisturize the hair within and out. Olive oil has conditioning properties that will help in making your hair shiny and smooth.

6. Apple cider vinegar

This method is usually used to repair just damaged hair and is specifically not or permed hair. But the use of apple cider vinegar helps restore the lost luster. For this, mix one-part apple cider vinegar and 10 parts of water. Store this solution in a spray bottle and spray it on damp hair. Make sure you don’t use too much of this remedy because of its acidic nature.

7. Jojoba oil Sweet almond oil serum

Jojoba oil: similar to hair and scalp’s natural oil.

Almond oil: rich in vitamin E, Protein, and antioxidants.

Mix jojoba oil and almond oil to provide moisture or lock in moisture on the cuticle of the hair.

 8. Honey mask

Can be used to nourish and condition your hair making it healthy and beautiful. You can make a honey mask by mixing a half cup of honey with one-fourth of olive oil. Ix them together in a bowl and apply it to your hair using a brush and cover it up using a shower cap or plastic wrap and then leave it on and later rinse it off.

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