How to color over bleached hair?

There are a lot of reasons why you want to color your bleached hair, bleaching is actually a chemical process that rips away all your color from your hair. A lot of stylists also bleach first and then color your hair for a truest hue of the color.

Experimenting with your hair can be risky any day so we need to be careful. 

That is why it is a very common question to ask how to color over bleached hair? 

You can color your dyed bleach using a store box dye, choosing the color of your choice and following the instructions given on the box, the steps of applying the color on bleached hair is exactly the same as of applying on your natural. You just need to take some precautions before, after and during the procedure.

A detailed explanation is given so you need not to worry.

How to determine the color for your bleached hair?

Determining the color you want for your hair should always be the first step as you do not want to commit any mistake. The decision should be your personal as well as via a little research.

If you have made your choice then that is great but if not then here is a small guide for you.

Depending on what natural hair color you have, or the time you left the bleach on, your hair color after bleaching must be either yellow, reddish or entirely white. So now as you want to color it for safe options you can stick to tones that are close to your natural hair.

While choosing a color you have to consider the color you have now after the bleach as the base color , As your desired color can go the complete opposite by mixing with the new base color for example if you have red hair and applying blue can turn it to a shade of purple which you didn’t want.

The next thing you can do is to choose a color according to your skin tone… you can look for colors that suit the most on your skin as when you put your hair down it should be cohesive with the face.

You can also take professional help in selecting a hair color, professionals will suggest you the best shade and will guide you further as well.

Here is the video for further guidance

Things to do before coloring over bleached hair

Deep Condition your hair

If you have dyed your hair a day to two days before getting the hair color then the hair must have lost all it’s moisture and would have become dry, for regaining the moisture you need deep conditioning of your hair. Doing this will minimise your hair being dry and brittle after you dye your hair. Ideally you should have pre-conditioned your hair before the bleach but if you have not you can do this step.

Use a protein filler

Protein filler will fill all the gaps you have in your hair and it will help the color function properly and spread evenly over your hair. You need to take an ample amount of protein on your palm and spread it straight on your hair. This process does not rise. You have to keep it until you die.

What you can also do is to add the protein filler in your hair dye. That will also act the same.

How to color over bleached hair?

Now the final part, now that you have selected your color and took precautions it’s finally the time to color your hair.

Step 1- Secure yourself from stain

Coloring your hair can be a little messy and hair color dye can easily stain your hand for like 4-5 days. That is why you wear gloves to protect yourself from stains. For clothes you can either wear an apron or use an old cloth to cover it. You can also wear an old tee so that your heart doesn’t break if there is a stain.

Step 2 – Prepare your color

Permanent hair color has developers and the color separate so you will have to mix it up in a perfect ratio which would have been mentioned on the box, just follow it up for help.

Step 3- Do a strand test

This step is completely optional but it is supposed to be a safe call step. What you need to do is take a small hair strand and apply the mixed color all over the strand, leave it for the entire team allotted by the brand and then rinse it off to see the end result. If you are satisfied with the result then you can move to the next steps if not then you can stop right here.

Step 4- Applying the dye

Divide your hair into four sections pinning up the three which you gradually unpin as you dye. This will help you in easy management and proper application. Now pick your color on the brush and apply it straight on the one section of your hair, do not forget to apply it on both the sides. Now when you have done it , hop onto the next one. Just like that, apply it on all your hair.

Step 5- Let is set

Look at how much time you have to devote to your dye for letting it set, you can read the instructions for exact time and till then you can grab some coffee and read our other blogs. However, most of the dye’s take 20-25 minutes to set. ‘Do not forget to set a timer as time plays an important role in coloring.

Step 6- Rinse it and apply conditioner

Use warm water to rinse your eyes .. you can use your hands to make sure that all of the product is out of your hair. You need to rinse your hair till the water run clear. Use the packet of conditioner that came with the dye, rubbing it into your hair. Leave it in for the amount of time recommended by the box’s instructions and then rinse it out.

Step 7- Towel dry your hair naturally.

For drying do not use heat at this moment let it dry naturally and it is a golden advice by us to you..

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