Should I blow dry my hair before braiding?

If you want to have a tight, neat braid with no frizziness, then you might be confused about how to achieve them. We all have heard of blow drying the hair that adds volume and texture to the hair.

Should I blow dry my hair before braiding?

Yes, you can blow dry your hair before braiding. Blow-drying the hair for braiding ensures a tight, neat braid with no frizziness. It eliminates any remaining wetness or damp hair that might make the knots in your braid come undone and make it look messy.

Here is the best way to blow dry your hair – 

Benefits of blow-drying the hair

Helps in staying the hair-do in place- It prevents any flyaways, wispies or strands of hair that might be sticking out and making it look unkempt – helps to make the style last longer.

Preventing Frizziness- Blow drying your hair before braiding will ensure a tight braid with no frizziness! Blow drying your hair will eliminate any frizz or flyaways that are left after showering and towel drying.

Makes it easier to style- Blow drying your hair before braiding will help in staying the style of braid in place. Blow drying makes the style last longer!

Faster to keep the hair stable- Blow drying your hair before braiding will make it easier to style. It helps in keeping the braid stable and preventing any flyaways or strands.

Gives a personal and natural touch- Blow drying your hair before braiding might make it easier to style.

Hairstyles after blow-drying the hair

  1. Dutch braids- It is also called reverse french braid, this hairstyle is made by creating three braids on the back of your head, with one in a center strand and two outer strands.
  2. Messy braid- You can also do a messy braid which has been popularized these days thanks to celebrities like Karlie Kloss! This style involves adding texture or volume at the root as you braid your hair or make an easy bun!
  3. French twist- This look is achieved by creating two braids and pinning one to the other. The perfect touch for a formal event, this hairstyle looks good in long as well as short hair!
  4. Fishtail braid- This style is done by adding to the traditional braid that includes braiding hair in opposite directions.
  5. Dutch plait- This hairstyle is made with three strands of the same color, just like a Dutch Braids but it has more volume and can be waived or curled at the end for added texture.
  6. Knotted ponytail- You can also do a knotted ponytail by creating two sections of the hair and tying them together.
  7. Scrunchies- You can also use scrunchies to achieve different styles like making it in a bun, gathering all your waves at the center with one braid on each side or just simply running your fingers through your locks!
  8. French braid- This is achieved by braiding your hair from the front to the back of your head.
  9. Ponytail – This hairstyle includes gathering all the hair into a ponytail on one side and letting some strands loose for a casual look.
  10. Voluminous bun- You can also try out making a voluminous bun by twisting your hair in the opposite direction.
  11. Braided crown- This hairstyle is made with one or two strands of hair and it starts from the back of your head, going all around to the front and gathering into a low ponytail at the base.
  12. The Style You Can Wear Day And Night- The style you can wear day and night is a braided crown! It starts at the back of your head and goes all around to the front gathering into a low ponytail.

Braids with bangs

  • One braid – One braid will do if you want something easy or quick, just take one section of your hair and braid it to the end, securing it with a rubber band.
  • Two braids- Two braids will do if you want something quick but slightly more complicated than one. Start by holding two sections of your hair at the top of your head in each hand then divide them into three parts using small clips or butterfly holders for each section.
  • Three braids- Three braids will do if you’re looking for a more complicated look that takes up some time. Start by grabbing three sections of your hair and divide them into six parts, then braid each section separately to the end securing it with a rubber band or clip at the top before taking one strand from each side and crossing it over to create a fishtail braid.

The benefits of blow-drying your hair before braiding are that it will eliminate any frizziness, wetness or dampness in the hair and make it easier to style. It also helps in keeping the style intact for a longer time! Blow drying hair before braiding is also a natural and personal touch.

Best ways of preparing your hair for braiding

Deep cleansing your hair with a shampoo- It will remove dirt, excess oil and product buildup from your hair.

Conditioning or moisturizing the ends of the hair that might get dry due to braiding- This helps in protecting them until you wash it off again!

Deep conditioning your hair- This will help in giving your scalp and your ends of the strands a much needed break from tension.

Adding oils to your hair before braiding- Oils like coconut, olive or almond oil can be used for this purpose. These options provide natural protection against the drying effects of heat styling tools!

Essential oils that you could add to your hair before braiding such as lavender- This will help in nourishing the scalp and stimulating growth!

Towel drying your hair after washing before starting on styling– Drying your locks this way will keep it frizz-free and make it easier to style.

Work with your natural texture- Braids can be worn with waves or curls but if you want something more formal, then straighten the hair before braiding.

Benefits of wearing a braid

  • Bundled up hairstyles like braids are great for hot summer days and offer a lightweight option for people who don’t want to wear their hair up constantly.
  • Braids are also great because it will allow you to show off your face as opposed to the back of your head like in ponytails or updos.
  • Wearing braided hairstyles is easy on the shoulders since they’re not carrying the weight of your hair!
  • Braids are also great for all hair types- They work to tame frizz, add volume or just enhance straight locks.
  • Tips on how to keep braided hairstyles intact:
  • Use a leave-in conditioner before you start on styling so that it will be easier to comb through and style.
  • You should also use a heat protectant spray before using any hot styling tools on your hair. This will help in preventing it from drying out or getting damaged!

It’s important to tie the braided hairstyles tightly so that they don’t loosen with time and start showing more scalp than you want to show off. It is also important to tie them securely so that they don’t loosen up with time. And lastly, make sure you wear the braided hairstyles appropriately on your head- A side braid should be worn at the left or right of your face while an updo is best suited for wearing in meetings and formal events.

Final words

In conclusion, there are many benefits to blow drying your hair before braiding and it is best recommended if you want a more formal look. It’s important to tie up the braid tightly so that it doesn’t loosen with time! Add some drops of lavender or olive oil on your scalp for natural protection against heat styling tools.

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