How to get green out of hair after bleaching?

Bleach is a very risky item to work with and time is very crucial when it comes to bleaching. Now, there are a lot of side effects of bleaching along with the uses. And, one of them is your hair turning green.

This is not that common but it happens in the rare case where you have an undefined hair base. 

But once the damage is done then how to get green out of hair?

Using baking soda, lemon or ketchup can help you get green out of your hair after bleaching. 

I know most of the bleaching effects are irreversible and you have to deal with them but after a lot of experiments the solution for green undertones. This unwanted change is not because of bleach but because of your Hair base.

However, sometimes people use bleach on purpose to get green undertones. We will talk about that too.

This article has complete detail and solution regarding your problem.

 How does bleach work? 

Most of us use bleach without even knowing how it works, it is important for us to know that, to avoid such mistakes.

Bleach is used to lift the color out of your hair strand and I am sure there is no doubt regarding this. Bleaching is completely a chemical reaction in which your hair is oxidized to lift the color out of it.

For this step, you need to open the cuticles and that is why an alkaline solution is used in that part to open your cuticles.

Once the cuticles are open the hair agent or the bleach is ready to work on your base and tadaa you have blonde and light hair.

But sometimes due to uneven tones of your hair, the result might be green. The situation can be avoided by a few tricks given below. 

How to get green out of hair after bleaching?

 Let us now discuss the main point of this article, which is how you can get the green out of the hair after bleaching. Here I will list the ways that have worked for people in the past. The solution may not work for you in rare cases. In that case, you can seek professional advice. All of these solutions except one or two are natural so there is no side effect whatsoever.

Here are 5 ways to get green out of hair

1. Use baking soda 

Take a little bit of baking soda and mix it with water until it has a paste-like consistency. Apply it on the affected area of your hair, leave it for 4-5 minutes and wash it off using shampoo or conditioner.

If the color does not come off completely you can repeat the step. It may work well.

2. Ketchup 

Sounds weird as this is not a food article but a hair one, so do not be grossed out too soon. The reason behind this is the color theory. If you look closely into the color theory then you come to know that green and red are opposite to each other.

Which means that red cancels the green. So, now your green hair will be canceled by the red in ketchup.

Apply ketchup all over your green area and foil your hair for at least 20-30 minutes and then you can rinse it.

It is advised to use a conditioner after this as the acid in ketchup can make your hair dry.

3. Tomato or lemon juice 

Take fresh tomato juice or lemon juice and saturate it on your hair evenly. Leave it on your hair for five to ten minutes and then rinse it off with the help you a clarifying shampoo and then condition it.

4. Red hair dye 

So, this does not mean to dye your hair green, a little amount of dye and help you cut the green in your hair as mentioned above. According to the color theory red cuts green so it might work there as well.

5. Visit salon 

If all of these solutions don’t seem fine or work fine for you must visit a salon and seek professional care for your mistake. They know what needs to be done. The only thing is that all these solutions were natural and inexpensive. A professional solution can be expensive and can contain chemicals as well.

Here is the video on green turned bleach hairs.

 Step by step direction to bleach your hair without any damage at home 

Here is a step-to-step direction for bleaching your hair without any kind of damage further.

Warning- Make sure you do it only once, there is no good reason to bleach your hair twice!!

Step 1- Part your hair in two sections

Divide your hair into two parts for easy application. This step will help you when you are doing it yourself. It will make it handy for you to apply the bleach in the entire area perfectly.

You can further divide the two parts into more sections according to your preference and comfort.

Step 2: Make your bleach ready

The second step is to prepare your bleach. Mix the two components the developer and the bleach in a 1:1 ratio. The ratio may change as per your requirement of professional suggestion.

You must follow what the memo says. Make sure the final mixture is not too liquid and if it is so then adding some powdery bleach in it will solve the problem. The consistency should be accurate for better results.

Step 3: It’s time to apply bleach now

After achieving the perfect consistency of bleach and developer it is now time to apply the bleach to your parted hair. This step is the most important part so, try not to make any mistakes.

Spray some water on hair to make it wet but do not just soak it in water. Start bleaching the darkest part of your hair first. The darkest hair is at the back so start from there. This step has to be rapid. The process should be in motion starting from the roots to the end.

However, Roots can be avoided in these parts as there is a separate step for that.

Step 4: Bleach the roots

As we mentioned above that roots have to bleach as well hence, we will bleach the roots in this step.

Similarly, like hair, we will start bleaching the roots from the back of your head to the front. It is strictly prohibited to use bleach on the scalp as it can cause severe damage to it.

Step 5: Wash your hair

When you find that your hair has attained the color you wanted you can rinse it with a Lukewarm water.

Keep washing until your hair gets completely rid of the bleach. Once you rinse it you can move on to the other steps. You may color your hair, you keep it blonde it depends on your choice.

Enjoy your new hair! and flaunt it wherever you want!

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